7 Popular Things To Do In Melbourne

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Melbourne or have lived here your entire life, there are some must-do Melbourne bucket list items that you simply cannot miss. And, while we may be a little biassed in claiming that Melbourne is the finest city on Earth, we have the statistics to back it up, with Melbourne continuously ranking among the world’s most liveable cities.

Melbourne’s food, drink, coffee, art, theatre, and sports culture are among the best in the world, and we believe you should try to experience each of them at least once in your lifetime. 

So here’s our ultimate bucket list: 7 incredible things to do in Melbourne right now, including attractions, fantastic restaurants, cafes, pubs, fun festivals, and everything in between. Enjoy, and thank us later.

Things To Do in Melbourne

1. Connect With The Culture

Narrm (Melbourne) is a historical and spiritual site for many Indigenous Australians. The Koorie Heritage Trust provides information on Victorian Aboriginal experiences as well as the rich history of the world’s longest continuous surviving civilisation. See the most recent exhibitions and take a Birrarung Wilam (River Camp) walking tour to learn more about the history of Birrarung Marr (commonly known as the Yarra River).

On an Aboriginal Heritage Walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens, you’ll learn about native plants and your relationship to the land.

2. Attend a popular show at the National Gallery of Victoria

As Australia’s oldest and most visited art museum, located on St Kilda Road, the NGV offers significant international art exhibits to Melbourne, displaying classic works of art alongside emerging contemporary artists. Previously, we’ve seen Van Gogh, Hokusai, MC Escher, Dior, Dali, Warhol, works from New York City’s MoMA gallery, and the vast free NGV Triennial.

3. Visit The Shops

Melbourne is home to high-end worldwide brands such as Hermes and Dior (located on Collins Street’s ‘Paris End’), but the city’s true jewel is its boutiques. The CBD has it all: indie labels, record stores, and winter style. Begin your shopping trip in Emporium and work your way along Collins Street, The Block Arcade, and Melbourne Central. Stop to Alpha60 for high-end Melbourne fashion (pro tip: everyone wears black here), Vault for vintage gold, and Rocksteady Records for vinyl. Also, don’t pass up the opportunity to discover Victoria’s brilliant Aboriginal designers and artists. Shops in Mornington Peninsula and other streets will provide you the best shopping experience in Melbourne. 

4. Experience the Melbourne Sunrise From a Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons may soar over the city as well as rural areas. If you can get yourself out of bed before sunrise, the flight is certainly worth it. Unsurprisingly, there are few people about at sunrise, and drifting over the city in the early light feels odd. Where you start, travel, and land in your balloon is always a mystery because the flights are controlled by the day’s weather – so you might view some of your favourite Melbourne sights from above or discover some new ones.

5. View Sporting Greats

The rebuilt Australian Sports Museum allows visitors to relive famous sporting victories and learn inspiring stories. The interactive, multimedia museum houses an unparalleled collection of Australian sports memorabilia. Pay your respects in the cricket gallery or explore other codes before crafting your own gold medal moments at the interactive Game On.

6. Spend The Day at Melbourne Zoo.

A large animal kingdom show located just outside Melbourne’s central business district.

You may watch the world go by in the butterfly room, visit the colourful residents of the aviary, and go through the Trail of the Elephants to meet the close-knit family of big-eared beauties. The Melbourne Zoo offers all the animal action. There is always something happening on here, including keeper talks and zoo high teas. Make sure to say hello to the lion pride before you depart (follow the roars). For the wildest night of your life, book a Roar ‘n’ Snore – a zoo overnight in the iconic elephant display.

7. Flavours from The Local Region

Victoria’s superb local product is best enjoyed at the city’s premier restaurants. Make a beeline for Federation Square and Victoria by Farmer’s Daughters. Sample the best flavours from our growers and producers, and then dine on the patio overlooking the Yarra.

Taste more of the regions at the original Farmer’s Daughters on Collins Street, where Gippsland tastes compete for MVP. Other notable players include Big Esso by Mabu Mabu, Hero, and Collingwood’s vegan restaurant Smith and Daughters. 


Melbourne is a thriving city that has it all. From great food and nightlife to stunning nature, art exhibits and a vibrant sporting scene. No matter your age, race, sex or background, this city has something unique for everybody out there. Whether you want to visit popular cafes in Melbourne or spend a day with nature, the city has everything you want to expect. So make sure to try out the activities listed in this blog to make your trip to Melbourne worthwhile. 

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