Australian Tourist Visa Processing Times: What to Expect?

On the off chance that a voyager is arranging an excursion to Australia, one of the essential advances is to get a vacationer visa. Simultaneously, one of the most common worries among candidates is the period of time it takes for their visa application to be handled. Having a thought of what amount of time it requires to get an Aus tourist visa can help travelers be better prepared for their journey and have the right expectations. The following is all the information on Australian tourist visa processing times travelers may need to know, and these are the expectations for the application process you can have: 

Types of Australian Tourist Visas 

Prior to considering handling times, voyagers need to comprehend that numerous sorts of traveler visas are accessible for going on an outing to Australia. The guest visa subclass 600 is the most widely recognized visa for the travel industry purposes: it permits an individual to visit Australia for the travel industry, visit family or companions, and take part in other present moment non-business related exercises. Furthermore, there are different visas, for example, the eVisitor subclass 651 for European Association identification holders and the Electronic Travel Authority estimated time of arrival subclass 601 for certain nations, prompting the travel industry’s excursions to Australia.

Factors of processing times Australian tourist visas’ processing times can depend on several factors. These factors include the applicant’s home country, the number and reciprocal processing of applications, the application’s completeness, and whether more documents and information are needed. 

General Processing Times: 

The most recent information indicates that the processing times of Australian tourist visas can increase from several days to weeks. Indeed, the application is straightforward and can be processed for a few days. At the same time, more complicated cases that require additional verification and work can take longer.

Online Lodgment: 

Many visa types now have the option of online lodgment when applying for an Australian tourist visa. Online lodgment is characterized by submitting an electronic visa application that is routinely examined and processed faster than regular paper-based applications. The other advantage of online lodgment is that applicants can access their information and be updated on their process status for notifications.

Streamlined Processing for Low-Risk Countries: 

Australia is offering streamlined visa processing schedules to visa applicants from several low-risk countries. These processing approaches decrease the number of checks conducted during assessment and also the provided documentation. The nations given streamlined visa processing may alter from time to time, requiring an updated view of the countries approved at the moment.

Priority Processing: 

Priority processing of the Australian tourist visa is another element that might help route the visa processing faster. People who meet particular travel categories need to get where they are planning to travel because of some critical circumstances or emergencies. The visa writer may decide whether an application should be processed on a priority for reasons defined by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.


Processing times and diverse factors affecting the approval of an Australian tourist visa are essential information to be acquainted with for those planning to travel to Australia. Despite processing times for visa applications differing, promptly submitting a visa application and continuously checking the visa process status is the only solution to a quicker visa process. Know more about immigration consultant Oman and get equipped with all the necessary information to speed up the Australian visa application process.

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