Revamping Your Summer Wardrobe

Summertime is something we usually dread because of the intense and brutal heat but we all lowkey look forward to it as well. Summer is when we get to put our aesthetics fully into our outfits. With summer just around the corner, it is time you dive right into revamping your summer wardrobe. These days, all you see on social media are clothes advertisements. All the festive collections including western dresses are being warmly welcomed and hailed by shoppers. 

With limitless options at your fingertips, you are sure to find the right outfit for yourself this Eid. But it doesn’t end just there. Go ahead and upgrade your whole summer wardrobe. Here are some of the latest trends you should be looking out for.  

Go Floral 

Floral prints are all the hype in summer. You can never go wrong with florals. The thing about them is, they bring a multitude of colors together effortlessly and you do not have to worry about matching different colors with it. 

Charming Sundresses 

If you want the perfect summary feminine look, think of getting yourself some sundresses. Don’t stop there, think statement sleeves, cute detailing, adding bows or belts. Style them with a pair of cool sunglasses or a sunhat when going out with the girls. Pearl accessories go especially beautifully with such outfits. Don’t be shy to experiment with different cuts and fits. 

Pick Your Color Palette  

If you’re tired of the same old earthy tones you’ve been wearing, try going for brighter hues this season. They won’t only make the whole outfit pop but also uplift your mood, so, you might as well get that extra dopamine. Stop playing it safe, get a little out of your comfort bubble and explore colors like hot pink, bright red, yellow and intense blues. You can effortlessly pair them with neutrals or keep a monochrome look.  

But, if you don’t feel like pushing it too much and brights aren’t your style, you always have the option to opt for pastels instead.  It has its own charms. Pastels in summer give out a soft, subtle and elegant look. Try out baby blue, sage green, baby pink, lavender and lilacs.   

Kimonos and Tunics  

Get creative and turn those unstitched pieces into kimonos and tunics. They are all the rage these days. Style them up with a plain base coloured shirt and straight pants or some abstract wide legged ones. There’s no stopping you, girl.  


When co-ords came into fashion, they seemed so basic. Everyone questioned it at one point, but we all came to love this trend. It’s simple, chic and elegant, and does not require hours and hours being put into the design thought process. What more could a girl want! And what’s better than not having to worry about wearing it at the right occasion. Given the style and fabric, you can rock a co-ord at any event seamlessly.  

Accessorizing with Silk Scarves 

Silk scarves can be used as a perfect accessory if you will. You can add a sparkle to your whole outfit by just adorning it around your neck. They’re not only limited to that, go ahead and personalize them. Wear them around your ponytail, turn into a bowtie, tie it with your purse or even use them as belt loops. The options are limitless.  

Go for an All-White Look 

One must have in your summer wardrobe is an all-white outfit. It’s a chic, effortless way to immediately elevate a look. Try out lawns and chikankaris for a beautiful sleek look. You can add even more finesse with a printed silk or organza dupatta.  

Jazzing It Up with Flared Pants 

Gone is the era where you could style a kurta or top with only tights, straight trousers or shalwars. Flared pants are sure to give your fit an extra oomph. Doesn’t matter what the length of your shirt is, the flare will only enhance the cut of your fit. Go out and explore the beautiful unstitched sale launched this summer to pick the appropriate fabric for your flared pants. 

Don’t let this season be one where you make the same fashion mistakes you made last year. Revamp and reinvent your wardrobe and make sure you tailor it to fit your personality.

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