Send Checks via SMS and Email: OnlineCheckWriter vs. Checkbook

Today’s quick tech world needs smooth, safe, and bendy ways to move money. Old-style check writing and sending them by post take too long. Smart tech fixes that make the job easy are needed. OnlineCheckWriter, with help from Zil Money, and Checkbook can do this. But, to send checks by text or email, OnlineCheckWriter is best. This post tells how it beats Checkbook in this key action. 

The Rise of Digital Check Solutions

Sending checks over text or email changed how firms pay. No more paper needed, it’s fast, and more safe. Both OnlineCheckWriter and Checkbook do this digital job. But they’re not the same. They differ in how easy, good, and useful they are. 

Customization and Flexibility 

OnlineCheckWriter, a Checkbook alternative, stands out for making things just how you want it. Firms can make their own checks with only a printer. This bit is not just for paper but for digital checks too, in texts and emails. It looks pro, making firms seem reliable each time they pay. 

On the other hand, Checkbook’s options to change things are small. It lets you do some, but not as much as OnlineCheckWriter. For a firm’s look, OnlineCheckWriter’s choices are why it’s better. 

Simple and Easy 

How easy it is to use is key too. OnlineCheckWriter is made to be simple. Anyone can use it well. In just a few taps you can make and send checks by text or email. It’s clear and quick, which means less mess-ups. 

Checkbook is okay too, but not as clear and takes more time to learn. This can be a block for firms that want the quickest and easiest way. 

Quick and Good 

Time matters to all firms. OnlineCheckWithoutWriter is fast. In just a bit, make and send a check. It gets to the other person right away. They can print it or put it in their bank fast, which makes everything move quicker. 

Checkbook also does this but it’s slower. OnlineCheckWriter’s speed makes it better for fast check sending. 

Security Measures

In money moves, staying safe is a must. OnlineCheckWriter has strong ways to keep checks sent by text or email safe. Things like extra steps to prove who you are, code to keep info safe, and safe logins keep your details from the wrong hands. 

Checkbook makes safety matter too, but OnlineCheckWriter gives extra sureness. With top safety, firms know their money info is in good hands. 


Money is important for firms too. OnlineCheckWriter has a fair price and lots of useful bits that give you more than what you pay. For example, sending a physical check by post for only $1.25, which is little money for the job it does, keeping the smooth side of digital too. 

Checkbook has bits like those too but not as cheap or full of value as OnlineCheckWriter. OnlineCheckWriter is better for firms wanting to save money without losing quality or use. 

Additional Features 

OnlineCheckWriter does more than just send checks. It helps control bank drafts and wire moves, set payments to go out on their own, and works well with money software. This makes it a full set of tools for managing money. 

Checkbook has bits too but doesn’t reach what OnlineCheckWriter can do. With more to use, OnlineCheckWriter is like a full stop shop for all your cash needs, making it the top choice. 


When we look at OnlineCheckWriter and Checkbook for sending checks by text or email, OnlineCheckWriter is the winner and best Checkbook alternative. It’s the best because you can change it a lot, it’s easy and fast, secure, saves money, and has lots more it can do. Firms that pick OnlineCheckWriter can make paying smooth, look pro, and be sure in how they handle their money.

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