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Top Three Pool Transformations of 2024 : A Before and After Comparison

A dream project will involve such innovative and bold ideas to see it happen. It is an outstanding achievement to see your life vision happening and give your imaginary world a chance to be represented in the real world. The most creative and inspired swimming pool constructor will always do their best to serve your goals. Having swimming pool transformation ideas is essential to give it a sense of uniqueness and luxury. We selected for you the top three pool transformations that happened in 2024 and will go through a before and after comparison.

Sackville North: Embracing the Lay of the Land

The Sackville North project was a singular challenge as it needed to design a pool to sit with the land. The demand from the pool owner was a design that would embrace the natural contours of the sight. The landscape surrounding was ample green land with a view of a lake, so the client wanted the pool to blend with this beauty but requested that their swimming pool enhance the landscape.

The building site presented a challenging slope, and the pool constructor had to integrate the pool into this particular shape carefully. The excavation process needed precision and techniques to ensure a solid and stable pool foundation without damaging the land. Since the pool site was on a slope, the building team had to create a specific robust retaining wall that would merge into the landscape. It has to be aesthetic and functional. The Sackville North Pool pushes the boundaries of the pool building team, urging them to find the best ways to create on this slope so the owners can be granted their dream becoming a reality.

Elanora Heights: a testament to precision and elegance

If you’re looking for a modern pool design, this example of backyard transformation is for you. Clients requested aesthetics, functionality, and ease of use. The constructor team paid much attention to details to provide their client with a luxurious spa and expansive pools in a space where serenity and tranquillity reign. The swimming pool was dug and built by the landscape. Attention was given to steel reinforcement so the pool foundation would offer resilience and longevity.

The pool building team chose travertine tillings to emphasise the modern and timeless design. A basketball area was added to the backyard to form a leisure complex where outdoor entertainment is highlighted and used by all family and friends.

Kangaroo Point: an infinity experience like no other

The lakeside vista was the point of departure, and it came more naturally than an infinity pool. One must stand there to enhance this fantastic view. The pool builder had to transform the space with expertise in the ingenuity and the artistic side. They constructed the pool using concrete for durability and versatility. The team meticulously crafted the pool, precisely positioning the infinity edge and determining the depth to ensure it seamlessly blended with the lake, creating a natural extension without overlooking any details.

They adorned the pool with a stunning blue mosaic to reflect the sky and the lake. That process transformed the pool into a mirror that dynamically responded to weather changes, infusing a lively element into its essence.

The Kangaroo Point Infinity Pool is a leading example of a transformative pool that offers a magnificent view without skimping on safety. The transparent glass fencing was naturally installed and blended into the decor’s beauty.


Those three examples of transformative space show the power of a personalised pool. Pool building brings luxury to your place, enhancing and transforming it overall.

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