Water Analyzer Tenders in India: Flowing Growth

Introduction: The examination of water tender releases throughout the country reveals that a systematic attempt has been made to handle significant aspects of water management and quality monitoring. Examining water analyzer tenders, it can be seen that a clear focus on bringing up to date water testing practices and cutting edge analytical tools like Triple Isotope water Analyzer and portable water quality multimeter analyzer. Furthermore, the prevalence of pH metre tenders also highlights the critical role pH measurement plays in various industries. This analysis provides an overview of the regional and geographical distribution of tender released during the last year and also emphasises the diverse approaches used to address water-related issues. In a country like India where factories are present in a  massive quantity, tenders related to water refinement and analysis have seen a massive rise and continue to rise in the year of 2023.

Annual Analytics: Annual tender analytics can help gain insights of business impacts using the organisational data to make better decisions. In 2023, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Assam have all released the most tenders concerning the procurement of laboratory equipment, water quality monitoring, and water management systems, respectively, out of all the states. Directorate of Higher Education (Himachal Pradesh) and Rajasthan Education (elementary And Secondary) Department (Rajasthan) have both issued 140 tenders ranking them at the top contender while ePublish (Maharashtra) and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Assam) are just a tad behind having issued 130 and 120 tenders respectively. Some other notable agencies with high tender release are the Damodar Valley Corporation (Jharkhand), and Health and Family Welfare Department with tender counts of 104, 93 and 85 respectively. Out of all the states, West Bengal released the greatest amount of tenders i.e., 290 followed by Rajasthan, which released 167. The remaining states made contributions of 2609 tenders.

Water Analyzer Tenders: Water analyzer is a must have device for every water related industry, which can help in monitoring the water quality control. It is employed to provide process control and optimization, as well as to monitor process chemistry, including water quality. A total of 35 water analyzer tenders were published last year. In water and liquids, government agencies often seek to measure the pH value. For this, many tenders are published to purchase pH meter which will measure hydrogen ion activity. Different types of water meters are purchased by the government besides the pH meter, such as the triple isotope water analyzer, dissolved oxygen meter and turbidity meter. Of these, pH meter account for a significant percentage of the tenders (i.e.,) 119 tenders. A few examples are given below for illustration. The Ministry of Human Resource and Development in Jharkhand published a tender for the Supply and Installation of Triple Isotope water Analyzer with an estimated cost of 3.2 lakhs by. PHED-Chief Engineer in Jaipur, Rajasthan advertised a tender seeking the supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of a variety of equipment, including a pH metre, water distribution monitor, and UV spectrophotometer. The National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal in Karnataka released a tender for an on-site water analyzer, which is expected to cost around 1.3 lakhs. Lastly, a tender worth of 20 thousand was also issued for the supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of a portable water quality multimeter analyzer by the Ministry of Human resource and Development (Kerala).

pH Metre Tenders: Every major plant or factory is required to process and infuse water in their mass production and hence keeping pH level in check is a must. To support this argument, the tender data indicates a considerable need for pH metres in a number of industries and geographical areas. Agencies, organisations as well as institutes have put out pH meter tenders. This indicates the extensive need of pH metres in the country for monitoring water quality,carrying out research and also ensuring the accuracy of medical diagnoses. The Govt. Medical College in Kota is interested in purchasing wide-range digital pH metres with tenders ranging from 2 to 4 lakhs, while RNT Medical College in Rajasthan is looking for a digital pH metre with an estimated value of 1.5 lakhs. In the same way, the National Institute of Technology in Karnataka and Indian Rare Earths Ltd in Kerala have also shown their interest and needs for pH metres with inbuilt stirrers, since accurate measurement is very crucial in their functioning. Additionally, several tenders were published for the supply and installation of pH metres at microbiology labs throughout districts as part of the Jal Jeevan Mission, which is overseen by the Kerala Water Authority. This shows the deliberate attempt to improve the water quality. All these tenders are a proof of the critical role of pH metres in various industries and sectors, ranging from healthcare to environmental management.

Turbidity Meter Tenders: Turbidity is one of the major concerns in water supply chain. Government agencies in India released 120 Turbidity Meter tenders during the last year. Turbidity meter is often referred to as Turbidity analyzer as well. Besides buying turbidity meters, government agencies purchased kits to calibrate turbidity meters. For example, a tender was published in the GEM platform to procure a Standard Calibration kit for Turbidity meter. Our analysis shows that many different types of turbidity meters are purchased by the government. The Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research sought to purchase a portable turbidity meter. Certain agencies such as the Directorate of Technical Education in Kerala sought to buy Microcontroller-based Turbidity metre.. Often, turbidity meter was purchased together with other items. For example, PHED-Chief Engineer (HQ) in Jaipur, Rajasthan sought to purchase various equipments likeUV Spectrophotometer, Water Distribution Monitor/Online Analyzer, Online Turbidity metre, pH metre, and 5-metre connecting cable with BNC connector.

Live Tender Analysis: The live tender analysis illustrates that West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra published 9 tenders each, the highest among all the States and Union Territories. The next ranked states are Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu with 6 tenders each and are followed by Karnataka with 5 and Kerala with 4 tenders.


As the country develops, citizens emphasize more on water quality. Understanding this demand, government agencies are investing more and more in water quality analysis. Our study shows that the number of tenders published by the government agencies in India for water quality analyzer is increasing and it is spread all across India. Many different types of water quality analyzers are purchased by the government such as turbidity meter, ph analyzer and so on. The manufacturers and distributors of such devices are advised to monitor these opportunities and participate in them.

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