What is the Rice Purity Test?

Every relationship needs to undergo a purity check. Rice Purity Test is used to determine innocence in personal experiences with alcohol, drug use, sex and dating. It is a self-graded survey measuring the innocence degree, typically ranges from 0 to 100. Lower scores indicate the higher level of Impurity in personal experiences.

This test was created in 1924 by students at Rice College; the test has seen several corrections since its commencement. It is often used to check social behavior to start conversations about personal experiences. 

Rice Purity Test composed of a sequence of 100 questions, covering a wide range of topics, such as cheating, stealing, drinking, smoking, holding hands, gambling, and more. The questions are designed to be controversial and sometimes straightforward, and survey participants are asked to tell whether they have ever been involved in activities outlined in each question.

Each question in the survey is allotted a point value. The participants click on the survey question they have completed in real life. The total score is then calculated and evaluated. The higher scores indicate a high level of purity. 

This topic also demands care and responsiveness, as it can also provoke bad emotions and responses. The Rice Pure Test should be approached with an open mind and critical view. Its use should be avoided as a final measure of one’s value and character. It is only one of the numerous methods through which individuals can express themselves, and it should not be considered as a definitive factor shaping their actions.

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