What You Should Know About Custom Tshirt Printing

There are so many places you can find a custom printed tshirt now days.

One of the best places is Singapore.

There are many shops that do tshirt printing Singapore that you can find online or on the local streets in Singapore.

Read on to discover why tshirt printing Singapore is a popular choice of places to get a custom printed shirt, and how to pick the best one.

What makes Singapore the best place?

When it comes to tshirt printing, it is an obvious fact that Singapore is one of the best places.

One of the main reasons is because it’s in Asian countries custom printing first originated, so they have had time to perfect the methods.

Singapore provides a great creative space to showcase unique designs.

 Many Singapore printing companies provide top-of-the-line software for printing any design you may want — including hand-drawn designs.

Tshirt printers in Singapore pay special attention to the quality of material, design, and finished product.

They consider custom tshirt printing a valuable art form for expression of one’s self, event, or company.

Singapore’s vibrant art scene therefore makes it one of the best places to get a custom printed shirt.

Picking material and printing types

The first step to creating a great custom print shirt is picking the type of material and printing method you want to use.

You should always consider if the material you choose will work with your printing method efficiently.

Some methods, like sublimation, work best on polyester, nylon, or spandex.

Screen printing typically works better on material that is smooth and even, like ring-spun cotton.

Whereas, embroidery works best on thicker fabrics, like slub or jersey cotton.

Other printing methods work on all materials.

Another important factor to think about when selecting your desired printing method is what you want printed.

For instance, if you want a repeating pattern that is all over the shirt, you may want to opt for sublimation.

If you are looking for a graphic design that you have drawn to be printed on your shirt, you may want to go with DTG (Direct To Garment printing).

You should also consider the reason you want a custom printed shirt.

Do you want a shirt for a more formal occasion?

Then you should probably go with a polo style shirt. 

A more casual look? Opt for cotton or other materials like it.

Finding the best place to get a shirt

When you are ready to find tshirt printing Singapore, do your research.

 Ask family, friends, and neighbors where they get their t shirt printing Singapore.

Search online for companies that specialize in the printing style or design that you want to use.

Inquire about pricing and be sure to include the costs of shipping, if needed.

If you are looking for several shirts for an event or a company, ask if they have discounts when you order more than one shirt at a time.

Talk to the company about how they handle hand drawn graphics, if you have your own design that you want printed.

Look at the pictures of their previously custom printed shirts to see their overall quality.

Regardless of the design, quantity, printing method, or material you decide to use, getting your shirt printed in Singapore means you will have the highest quality custom printed shirt around.

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