Ahead of The Ordinary: 10 Unique Pizzas to Spot at La Pinoz Pizza

Being one of the best pizza franchises in India, La Pinoz Pizza has gradually become the country’s favourite. You cannot agree to it more when you try the lip-smacking pizzas here. However, this pizza place not only serves a delicious feast, but you also get to explore a world of uniqueness here. La Pinoz brings you a one-of-a-kind menu with pizzas that you will not find anywhere else. Here are all the new ones to try. 

Sweet Heat 

India is a country of diversity. Talking about taste buds, you will find diversity in this too, with some people who cannot have chilli with samosa and some who can’t eat a samosa without chilli. For such spice lovers, La Pinoz Pizza has a special edition of spicy yet sweet pizzas to savour. Every slice of this pizza is a loaded mix of toppings, including Jalapenos, Pineapples, sweet corn, and red paprikas. Every bite is a mince of true flavours. 

Makhani Do Pyaza

Are you one of those Indians who order dal makhani, paneer makhani, or butter chicken every time you go to a restaurant? Well, you are not alone. The love for Makhani flavour is truly immense. Considering this, the chef of La Pinoz Pizza has mastered this buttery flavour in pizzas too, with the introduction of Makhani do pyaza to the menu. Dive into a world of makhani gravy, onions, and cheese that mix together to make the perfect kind of pizza. Indeed, even your grandmother will ask for more pizzas when she finds this desi insight in Italian food. 

Spring Fling Pizza 

Are you in a mood for a delicious pizza? Then, dive into the pizzas of Indian and Italian touch mixed altogether. The spring fling pizza by La Pinoz Pizza is a mix of colourful and delightful toppings, including capsicum, sweet corn, and flavoured chunks of paneer. All these, topped with a layer of delicious pizza sauce and cheese and on a soft and thin pizza base, make it one of the most famous food flings. On this, sprinkle more chilli flakes and oregano to add flavour to your exquisite pizza. 

Burn To Hell Pizza  

This range of pizza is for all those who love their pizzas loaded with spices and taste. Challenge yourself with this super spicy burn to hell pizza provided by La Pinoz. What you get here is a fiery combination of hot garlic dip, jalapenos, mushrooms, capsicum, and olives. All these are topped on the fiery pizza base, leaving you with teary eyes but soulful food. After all, it is not just spicy. It is delicious, tangy, and soulful. Together is the best challenge you could ask for. 

Cheezy-7 Pizza 

The first thought coming to mind when you think about pizza is lots of cheese. But what if La Pinoz Pizza takes you on a massive cheesy ride with its exclusive 7-cheese pizza. You heard it right! La Pinoz specialises in 7 different kinds of cheese, minced together, and topped on one thin layer of pizza. Experience the culinary world of Mozzarella, Cream White Cheese, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Cream Orange Cheese, Colby, and Orange Cheddar, all in one! One slice itself is enough to satiate your soul and stomach. 

Macaroni Special Pizza 

Do you find it difficult to choose between pizza and macaroni? Then here is something to make this choice easier for you. For this, La Pinoz Pizza brings you authentic Macaroni special pizza with a creamy layer of macaroni topped on the pizza base. The fusion includes a layer of cheezy mac, onion, sweet corn, olive, and mushroom. This insane pizza will transport you to a new age of pizza. Try it yourself. 

Veg. Hawaiian Pizza 

One of the uniqueness of Hawaiian food is how it prioritises both fruits and vegetables equally. Witnessing this, La Pinoz has introduced a similar concept with both fruits and vegetables introduced in the pizza. When you order this, you get a scrumptious topping of pineapple, paneer, and sweet corn with extra cheese layered on a fluffy crust, ready to melt in your mouth. Experience Hawai while being in your house with this pizza. 

English Retreat Pizza 

This royal retreat is another heavenly combination of pizza and quirky toppings. Making itself colourful and delightful, this pizza is everything you need if you want to experience sweet, tangy, spicy, and cheesy flavours all in one. For this, the pizza involves a top layer of olives, Red paprika, tomatoes, paneer, capsicum, cheese, and jalapeno dip, all tossed in perfection. With this, the base layer and creamy texture blend perfectly with this pizza’s interest. 

Las Vegas Treat Pizza 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not anymore. La Pinoz Pizza has introduced you to the wholesome pizza flaunting the culinary taste of Vegas. The delicious pizza flavour introduces you to mushrooms, jalapenos, sweet corn, capsicum, and tomatoes with peri-peri dip. The unique kinds of toppings are the secret to this Vegas treat that you can enjoy when at home. 

Chicago Delight Pizza 

Well, there is another beautiful city waiting to be explored. Chicago! La Pinoz does its best here, too, with the introduction of this pizza. The unique topping and mesmerising flavours here include a world of chicken including, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Salami & Onions, topped gorgeously on it. With this, the blend of oils and spices gives the perfect festive vibes to enjoy. 


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