Can I Use My NICOP to Enter Other Countries Besides Pakistan?

A NICOP is designed to let Pakistani overseas residents access different services and transactions with the Pakistani government. While it acts as a form of identification and may be approved for entrance into some countries, its validity and acceptability for foreign travel are subject to the destination country’s immigration rules. Some countries recognize NICOP as proof of identity for entrance, while others may require additional travel papers such as a passport or visa. Examining the exact entrance criteria of the nation you intend to visit before depending entirely on your NICOP Card for travel is critical. Additionally, it is recommended that you carry your passport while going overseas to guarantee compliance with immigration requirements.

NICOP as an ID:

The NICOP is an important identity card for Pakistani nationals living outside Pakistan. Visit Nadra Card Center issued NICOP to enable numerous services for these persons, notably those connected to their rights and privileges in Pakistan, including banking, property transactions, and visa-free access into the country. However, its use and acceptability outside of Pakistan are different. The major role of NICOP is to identify you as a Pakistani citizen abroad with specific rights in Pakistan. However, it is not globally recognized as a standard travel document, such as a passport. This implies that, while you can use NICOP for identification in Pakistan. Most nations and worldwide organizations demand a passport for identification and entrance since it is a standardized and internationally recognized travel document. Passports have security measures and biometric information that NICOP does not, making them the preferred form of identification for foreign travel and official business overseas.

What You Should Do If You Have Only NICOP While Travelling Internationally?

If you need to go worldwide and just have a NICOP, you must get a Pakistani passport. Unlike the NICOP, which is primarily used as an identifying card for Pakistanis living abroad and is not widely recognized for foreign travel, a passport is a worldwide acceptable travel document. A Pakistani passport formally acknowledges your nationality and identity, making it necessary for international travel and entrance into foreign nations. Furthermore, if your location needs a visa for acceptance, you will need a passport to complete the visa application procedure and for immigration reasons upon arrival. To facilitate simple and hassle-free overseas travel, get a Pakistani passport along with your NICOP. This will offer you all the papers you need to comply with foreign travel laws and regulations, allowing you to go abroad safely and lawfully.


In summary, while a NICOP can be used as identification and may be allowed for entry into some countries, its acceptability for foreign travel is dependent on the immigration regulations of the specific destination. To guarantee compliance with legislation, investigate the entrance requirements of the nation you intend to visit. However, for simple and hassle-free overseas travel, it is strongly encouraged to get a Pakistani passport in addition to your NICOP. This will provide you with the essential papers to fulfill the immigration requirements of most countries, giving you the confidence to go abroad without difficulty.

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