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How to Upgrade to High-Security Deadbolts on Your Doors

Safety is the most prominent thing for the home’s security; you can enhance it with the help of High-Security Deadbolts. These are the strongest locks that provide extra protection against burglars. Once you install these locks successfully, your home becomes safer. It seems unsafe if you are using any other traditional lock. In this article, we highlight the information related to “How to Upgrade to High-Security Deadbolts on Your Doors” and how it helps to enhance your security. So without wasting time, let’s move ahead.

Why Should You Upgrade to High-Security Deadbolts?

There are plenty of reasons concerned with the enhancement of the security of your home. Let’s describe the most prominent reasons here.

  • Advanced Security Protection: Unlike traditional security protection, it is manufactured with innovative locking mechanisms and reinforced materials to ensure a strong resistance force agains any fraudulent attempts like picking, bumping or drilling. It prevents the risk of entering an illegal or unauthorized person inside your home.
  • Stop Entering of Unauthorized Person: The high-security deadbolts have strong resistance due to the equipment of strong security measures. It proved to be the best companion agains burglars or criminals
  • Relaxation: Due to high security and safety, it gives peace of mind due to the stop from illegal or unauthorized persons. It works as a safeguard for your family and belongings. 

A traditional lock can not give enough security and protection from burglars as they are easy to unlock for them. The reason why diabetes is unable to break is its latest smart technology and techniques. Moreover, these locks are super durable and can function properly in all weather conditions.

Assess Your Current Locks

High-security deadbolts are significant investments for the security-concerned people. First of all, you have to assess your existing lock condition. Focus on the lock and plate and whether it needs to be replaced or not. Some important factors in the assessment of the condition of the lock include the level of damage, how it operates smoothly, strength and durability. Besides this, you have also to check gently about wear and tear, rust, corrosion etc. Once you have entirely assessed your existing lock, You can replace it.

How to Choose the Right High-Security Deadbolts

It is necessary to choose the right high-security deadbolts to enhance the home’s security. Try to choose a reliable, strong, high-quality product. 

Made With Solid Material

When choosing the right high-security deadbolts, they should be made up of solid material. Usually, it is manufactured by solid materials like brass or hardened steel. These sturdy materials increase the longevity of the lock. Ensure that they are thick and heavy so that they can resist intense weather conditions. The bolts and screws of the deadbolt must be strong. It is better if it belongs to a reputed and trusted brand. 

Anti Pick Mechanisms

Anti-pick mechanism is another feature that provides protection agains unauthorized access. Due to advanced and smart technology, it’s become challenging to manipulate the lock. 

Drill Resistance

Make sure the deadbolts are equipped with drill-resistant components, like hardened steel inserts or reinforced housings, to prevent drilling attacks. Ideal deadbolts are integrated with drill-resistant components like reinforced housing or hardened steel that stop drilling attacks. It indicates that these locks are rigid and pretty hard to damage. It can bear the pressure and heat of drilling to become a stand against burglars. 

Key Control

Key Control is the feature of the high-security deadbolts and prevents it from making copies of their keys without permission. In short, you can keep your home and belongings safe from accessing illegal and unauthorized persons.

How To Install High-Security Deadbolts?

Once you have selected your high-security deadbolts for the safety of your belongings and home, it’s time to proceed further with the installation process. Follow the given steps carefully to install the lock without any errors. If you are unable to install it successfully, must consult with professional locksmiths for hassle-free installation. Here is the process of successful installation of high-security deadbolts.

Gather Tools and Materials

First of all, gather all the necessary tools and materials used in the installation of the deadbolts. Most frequently tools used for installation include high-security deadbolts, screwdrivers, measuring tape, drills, pencils, and screws.

Remove Existing Hardware

Now, it’s time to clean up the existing lock system with the help of a screwdriver and remove the latch, deadbolt and strike plate from your door.

Prepare the Door

The door should be manufactured according to the deadbolt. It must be aligned for successful installation. In another case, if the condition is not suitable for the door, you can make some significant changes for the adjustment and for it or repair the door.

Install the Deadbolt

Once your door is properly aligned with the deadbolt, it’s time to install it by following the manufacturer’s information. Create the drill holes to settle the lock cylinder and bolt assembly and secure the deadbolt with the help of placing the screws. 

Install The Strike Plate

Now, it’s time to install the strike plate with the door frame with the help of screws. A properly aligned strike plate with a deadbolt can operate smoothly. 

Test The Lock

Once the deadlock is successfully installed, it is time to test whether it functions properly or not. You can also check whether the bolt is extended or retracts smoothly while closing the door. If you found any kind of disruption, you have to adjust it with the help of screws. 

Duplicate Keys

If your chosen deadbolt has a restricted keyway or patented key system, it is wise to duplicate the keys as family members or any trusted individual may use them without any inconvenience. 

Tips to Maintain High-Security Deadbolts

After installing the deadbolts successfully, Its time to maintain it regularly for optimal perofrmance for longer time. If you want to run it for longer time spane, follow the given tips:

  • Regularly clean your deadbolts with the help of a damp cloth. It helps to remove all kinds of dirt, dust or debris. 
  • Use a good quality lubricant for moving part of the deadbolt so that the lock can operate smoothly.
  • Ensure that there is no wear and tear or corrosion inside it. 
  • Do a soft test by locking and unlocking regularly with the help of a thumb turn.
  • Maintenance is the most prominent tips for the longitevely of deadbolts. If you found any damage, must repair it until it functions smoothly.


If you are concisious to secure your belonging and home, you must have to upgrad your high security deadbolts on your doors. Whether you are a beginner or professional, follow the above provided steps for desireable result. You can also take benefits from the proactive measures. If you are still unable how to upgrade deadbolt, you can take assistant from the New York NY Locksmith and get your job done hassle-free.

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