Top 10 Invoicing Software for Videographers To Know About

The world of videography is complex. Luckily, your accounting and invoicing operations need not be. With the right ,online invoicing software you can streamline the entire process and focus solely on capturing stellar visuals and creating compelling stories.

These tools will help you create customized invoices, track time, convert estimates, keep an account of travel expenses, and edit errors in jiffy. So, put your clients at ease and say yes to faster payments with our curated list of invoicing software for videographers.

1. Moon Invoice

An all-in-one online invoicing software, Moon Invoice is an ideal platform to get your desired videographer invoice template. It is a good place for videographers looking forward to smooth financial operations. This tool is scalable and offers top-notch customization among all invoice apps in the market.

Moreover, Moon Invoice offers powerful automation and time-tracking features to help you stay ahead of your competitors. The best features of these solutions are their reporting and analytics features. You can use them to drive key business decisions and increase ROI.


  • Bronze Plan- 5.47 USD/Month
  • Silver Plan- 6.83 USD/Month
  • Gold Plan-  10.25 USD/Month

2. Kosmo

Kosmo’s seamless time tracking and expense management functionalities ensure that your hard work is accurately reflected in your invoices. The platform also monitors overdue invoices and lets you receive payments with Stripe and PayPal. With Kosmo, it has never been easier to manage your Videography business. So, create that cinematic masterpiece while Kosmo handles your finances like a pro.


  • Free Plan with 2 clients, 2 projects, 1 invoice, and contract per month
  • Starter Plan- 24 USD/month
  • Professional Plan- 39 USD/month
  • Business Plan- 79 USD/month
  • Unlimited Pro Plan- 108 USD/year

3. Iris

Next on our list of videography invoice tools is Iris. It is ideal for videographers working on multiple projects and those needing a full-fledged financial management system. This tool lets you easily manage invoices, provide customer contracts, and generate receipts. Besides, Iris can easily be integrated with project management tools, thus paving the way for exponential business growth. Schedule your appointments, generate leads, and manage clients all with- Iris!


14-day Free Trial and then 22.50 USD/month

4. Sprout Studio

A customer-favorite studio management suite, Sprout Studio’s one-of-a-kind accounting and bookkeeping features cannot be missed! Not only can you manage bookings and invoices, but you can also schedule appointments and integrate seamlessly with payment gateways.

All you need to do is work on your skills, build marvels for clients, and leave the rest to Sprout Studio. Even if you are just starting, we suggest taking a demo of the tool. You never know when you fall in love with the tool’s top-notch functionalities, which also let you better manage proposals, contracts, and markets.


21-day free trial and 17 USD/month after that


Another popular online invoicing software for videographers, MYOB lets you manage expenses, calculate taxes, and send invoices on autopilot. If you are looking for a detail-oriented accounting solution, you can end your search! With multiple projects running in parallel, MYOB will help you track income and expenses for each, check their profitability, and make better business decisions. Also, with affordable pricing plans, you can scale as you grow your business.


  • Light- 15 USD/month
  • Pro- 27.50 USD/month
  • AccountRightPlus- 68 USD/month
  • AccountRight Premier- 85 USD/month

6. Xero

If multi-level access to financial information is your demand, consider it fulfilled with Xero! With helpful features like bank reconciliation, inventory management, and customized invoice creation, you can easily streamline your accounts and get access to exhaustive reports to understand your finances better.


  • Basic Plan- Free
  • Sales CRM- 72.12 USD/month

7. Refrens

If you are looking forward to some special invoice templates for videography services, Reference is the only invoicing software you need! Not only can you send and track invoices with ease, but you can also scale easily with the tool’s sales CRM. Refrens has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and you can easily integrate it into your workflow and concentrate on producing outstanding videos.


  • Free plan
  • Sales CRM- 72.12 USD/ month

8. Shoeboxed

One of the best apps for generating business receipts, Shoeboxed makes it easier for you to invoice and keep track of your expenses. You can easily scan receipts and documents from your phone, categorize expenses, generate reports, and more in just a few clicks. The best part is that all of Shoeboxed’s plans include unlimited storage. Thus, letting you use it as a dedicated document management system too!


  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Starter Plan- 4.99 USD/month
  • Pro-Digital Plan- 19.99 USD/month
  • Magic Envelope Starter- 18 USD/month
  • Magic Envelope Pro- 54 USD/ month

9. ShootQ

With superlative accounting features and video management tools, ShootQ is the only tool you need to get your business finances sorted! With amazing contract management features, estimate generation, access to workflow templates, and simplified invoicing, ShootQ is here to add its zing to your video shoots by relieving you of all your invoicing woes.


  • Essential StartUp: 24 USD/month
  • Pro Studio: 40 USD/month
  • Enterprise: 67 USD/month

10. Studio Ninja

Designed for videographers, Studio Ninja is a comprehensive and easy-to-use software solution. An accessible task management system, simplified invoicing, contract management, and scheduling functionalities, make it a client favorite. Not only will you save a lot of time with their workflow creation templates, but you will also love their outstanding customer service portal.


  • Pro: 24.90 USD/month
  • Master: 36.50 USD/month

4 Tips to Choose Invoicing Software for Videographers

Now that you have a list of the best videography invoice tools, you must know what to look for in a tool. Make sure your chosen solution offers all these features.

1. Invoicing and Payment Processing

Video production invoice solutions that let you convert estimates into invoices faster, customize your bills, and can easily be integrated with payment gateways should be your primary choice.

2. Seamless Expense Tracking

Knowing where your money was spent is essential to understanding your business’s financial health and analyzing where you can save money. A solution that provides easy-to-use tools for tracking and categorizing expenses will be ideal for your business.

3. Time Tracking Features

If your firm offers services like motion graphics, video editing, and animation, you must track time to send the right bills and give adequate focus to other projects. Thus, pick a solution that offers time-tracking functionalities and project management tools to help you keep a tab on all your deadlines.

4. Financial Reporting and Analysis

Another aspect to consider is financial reports. Does your chosen tool provide you with automated and in-depth reports? If not, pick a tool that offers a wide range of reporting options, cash flow reports, and profit and loss statements.

Wrapping Up

Using the right invoicing software for videographers can help you streamline processes and focus on your core business offerings. With multiple options, it is time to leave financial management to your chosen videography invoice solution.

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