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Have you ever wanted to recite the Quran confidently and accurately, but hesitated due to pronunciation challenges? Do you dream of understanding the deeper meaning of the holy text but struggle with the intricacies of Tajweed (the rules of Quran reading and recitation)? Online Madrasa can help! Our comprehensive and detailed online Quran with Tajweed course offers a convenient and flexible way for everyone, regardless of their age or background, to learn Quran recitation accurately and beautifully.

Why Learn Tajweed?

1.       Accurate Recitation: Tajweed guarantees that the Quran is recited correctly while retaining its original meaning and message. Students may avoid mispronouncing words or accidentally changing their meaning by understanding Tajweed principles.

2.        Honoring the Quran: As God’s message, the Quran ought to be respected not just in its handling but also in its recitation. Proper recitation is vital for conveying the appropriate idea.

3.       Enhancing Spiritual Satisfaction: Reciting the Quran with Tajweed improves the reading experience. The beautiful and harmonic recitation promotes peace and links us with God.

4.       Learning the Arabic Language: Tajweed rules offer insight into the Arabic language. Understanding these criteria allows learners to interact more fully with the Quran text.

5.       Confidence & Fluency: Mastering Tajweed rules instills great confidence and improve fluency in Quran recitation. Learners become highly comfortable while reciting in public.

6.       Prerequisite for Proper Salah (Prayer): Correct Quranic recitation is part of prayers. Tajweed ensures that prayer is performed in a befitting manner.

What Will You Learn?

The Tajweed course covers several key areas:

  • Basics of Tajweed
  • Makhaarij (Articulation Points of Letters)
  • Sifaat (Characteristics of Letters)
  • Qalqalah (Echoing Sounds)
  • Rules of Noon & Meem Mushaddadah
  • Rules of Madd (Lengthening)
  • Rules of Qalb (Changing)
  • Waqa’f (Pausing & Stopping Rules)
  • Rules of Lam Al-Shamseeyah & Lam Al-Qamareeyah
  • Levels of Tafkheem (Heavy) & Tarqeeq (Light)
  • Sakt (Silent Pause)
  • Ghunnah (Nasal Sound)
  • Idgham (Assimilation)

The course objectives

  • Make non-Arab Muslims adept in Quran reciting.
  • Maintain error-free recitation.
  • Create a spiritual relationship with Allah via recitation.
  • Use advanced Tajweed principles when reading the Quran.
  • Even when performing Quranic duas, remember to observe Tajweed principles.

Why Learn Quran with Tajweed at Online Madrasa?

There are several advantages to studying Quran with Tajweed at Online Madrasa.

Masterful Recitation: Building a solid foundation in Tajweed to confidently do Quran recitation and maintain eloquence. Precise pronunciation allows for a more in-depth grasp of the Quran’s message as well as the intricacies of Arabic.

Spiritual relationship: Perfectly reciting the Quran strengthens your relationship with Allah (SWT) and improves your spiritual experience.

Lifelong Reward: Learning the Quran is a constant act of worship that gives rewards both now and in the afterlife.

What Makes Online Madrasa Exceptional?

At Online Madrasa, we are committed to providing you with a fantastic learning experience:

∙         Expert Quran instructors: Our staff consists of highly certified and experienced Quran instructors enthusiastic about helping students at all levels.

∙         Personalized Learning Paths: We personalize the course to your needs and learning speed, ensuring a successful and rewarding experience.

∙         Multiple Learning Options: Pick from handy online private lessons or group classes that match your schedule and preferences exactly.

∙         Engaging Curriculum: Our dynamic learning environment uses audio courses, visual aids, and engaging exercises to motivate you.

∙         Dedicated help: We provide ongoing help throughout your learning journey to ensure you never feel alone.

Tajweed is a beautiful pursuit that enhances our comprehension of the Quran and increases our bond with God. Online madrasas provide easy and thorough lessons, helping students to improve their recitation abilities. Enrol today and start this incredible adventure!

Begin Your Quranic Journey Today!

Please check out our website, online madrasa org to further explore our Quran with Tajweed course:  its various offerings, delve deeper into meticulously designed curriculum, and find out how Online Madrasa can guide and support you on your transformative journey of learning the Quran with Tajweed.

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