Multi-Country Adventure: Trekking Annapurna  and Discovering Bhutan’s Mystical Monasteries

You immediately think of traveling to a mysterious place with mountains, famous monasteries or architectural masterpieces when imagine adventure in countries located in Asia. And, there’s no better multi-country experience you could have than Nepal treks and Bhutan tour. There are a lot of trekking locations in Nepal which will leave you in awe.

Bhutan is considered to be one of the oldest countries that is packed with mysteries, but is a place that provides visitors with excellent service and hospitality. In both cases, Nepal as well as Bhutan are popular destinations for tourists in Asia. But, one major reason for why a trip to these two destinations isn’t as popular for western tourists is the fact that both of these countries are landlocked and small.

Because the economics of these Himalayan areas is extremely tiny, not many are aware of how beautiful these countries. If you’ve come to learn more about a tour that includes Nepal and Bhutan We can tell that you’ve got an sense of aesthetics.

Additionally, travelling to both these countries could prove to very affordable in comparison to other Asian countries, or perhaps any other countries around the globe. While the traveling costs affordable, but the adventure destinations are two of the most affordable nations in the world.

Even if you’re under budget or haven’t the travel experience and haven’t been exploring foreign countries the warmth and generosity of the people from these countries will make your journey very enjoyable and comfortable.

Be sure to follow us to find out all you have to be aware of regarding this tour. Nepal trekking along with the Bhutan travel in our article!

What will you get from Nepal trekking as well as Bhutan trek?

A trip up to Annapurna in Nepal is possibly among the more hazardous treks you can take. So, be sure to be well-trained before embarking on your trek.

The trip itself to Bhutan is not without some issues from time to time. Roads in Bhutan are very suitable for road trips. However, you could need to climb over cliffs and traverse difficult trails on foot that could create more challenges on your Bhutan trip.

The tour is very safe for anyone over 18 years old although it might not be the best tour for children or older adults. If you’re planning to travel with your family You can choose cheap tours or lavish trips in Nepal and Bhutan as there is an excellent chance that these tours won’t be the same strenuous routes.

Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal

The route to the summit in the camp isn’t the most easy to navigate. The hills are steep and, to an extreme extent, slippery during high season. There is a chance that trekkers will be victims of avalanches in this region, too. So, it is recommended to visit the ABC trek during the time when the weather and the time of year are the most favorable.

It is essential for trekkers to have oxygen cylinders as well as adequate quantities of equipment for trekking, particularly in the case of traveling to a higher altitude area in the very first instance. It is also essential that trekkers are prepared and guided by an experienced guide and guide to their base camp. Additionally, it is the best option for people with respiratory ailments to stay clear of the trails of the ABC trek due to the increasing elevation can lead to extreme altitude sickness as well as loss of breath.

There’s a high chance of being frostbitten on the ABC trek as there is during the ABC trek, which is another reason to go there in warmer times of the month is the ideal option. In addition to the difficulties of hiking to Annapurna’s base camp, you will have plenty of memories and fun by enjoying the best of Nepali food, getting close to Nepalese tradition and hospitality, touring many of the gorgeous urban areas, and the rural areas for Nepali people. Nepali inhabitants, as well as enjoying the best great time at the foothills of Nepal!

Discovering Bhutan’s Monasteries

Bhutan is a treasure trove of gorgeous monasteries and Dzong. The most well-known monastery sites in Bhutan is Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The monastery is famous for being the place of meditation for one of the founders, Dalai Lama who had famously resided at the mountain caves for over three years. It is also believed to be the site of the legendary Paro Taktsang was a frequent visitor to the monastery. It was only after when the monastic structure was established in order to spread Buddhism and to commemorate the memory of late Dalai Lama.

The people of Bhutan have a strong belief in Lord Buddha. This is why you’ll find a variety of monasteries, both large and small throughout your journey in Bhutan. The roads you travel on during your Bhutan trip aren’t going to be as and difficult as the ones you’ll find to trek in Nepal.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see beautiful Dzongs, which were artistically designed and carved by the early architectural masters of Bhutan. The principal goal of these buildings was to shield the people of Bhutan from the threat of war. While the design is as delicate and intricate on these Dzongs and the roofs of the structures are as sturdy and robust since the beginning of the 17th century. The buildings that have stood for centuries can provide you with an unforgettable experience of an entire lifetime.

Visitors are unlikely to be uneasy while in Bhutan. The kindness of Bhutanese is truly amazing. Bhutanese people is touching and is worth celebrating in every way. Furthermore, the government of Bhutan requires that you carry the aid of a guide every time you visit even though the places are easily accessible.

Is it the ideal time to embark on an all-country trip in Nepal as well as Bhutan?

The most ideal time of the year to embark on a an all-country trip in Nepal or Bhutan is in the fall and spring. If you hadn’t decided to go trekking through Nepal or Bhutan, any other season would’ve been suitable for you. However, since you’ll taking part in trekking on the Nepal and Bhutan tours, it is important be prepared for the time of year as well.

The spring and fall seasons during Nepal as well as Bhutan are dry. So, the trails in the trekking areas will not be as muddy and slippery. This is not the case during summer and monsoons when there’s an increased chance of rain for a number of months. It is imperative to avoid these months completely to be secure and to enjoy as much comfort as you can. In the same way, many trekkers and tourists prefer winter trekking trips to trek in Annapurna or Nepal. They are usually experts. They are more adventurous than you would be and not letting adrenaline take over just like a regular hiker could cause you to be in many troubles.

Furthermore, the weather during spring and fall is more refreshing and beautiful as compared to any other time of the year. The sky is generally transparent and blue. You will not have to experience extreme temperatures or extreme cold during any of your trips. The price of a winter treks and tours is usually more expensive than other seasons. Because of the convenience factor during the fall and spring seasons the majority of everything, such as the clothes, food items, equipment and so on. is more affordable and can be carried in both spring and fall.

However the best seasons can also bring about an increase in the numbers of tourists. In addition, you might be required to pay higher travel costs due to the affluence of people to trekking and traveling destinations. However the advantage even with the cost of airfare is that you’ll be secure and safe during your trip.


There are a lot of things to expect in this Nepal hike as well as the Bhutan tour. While there are significantly more obstacles on this tour than it is with any other tour in both countries We are confident that this tour is designed to appeal to adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. Accommodation in one of these countries will not be an issue as you’ll be able to choose the most reliable agency. Trekking and travel in general isn’t cheap and can be a burden on the pockets of travellers and trekkers. However, when you book a Nepal or Bhutan tour, you’ll get the most beneficial of both with the best multi-country adventures and a budget-friendly travel experience.

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