Tips To Identify A Good Skin Check Clinic From A Bad One:

Regular full-body skin checks are vital for early detection of skin cancer and other skin diseases. But with so many dermatology clinics and individual providers available, how can you discern which offers quality skin exams? Just because a facility advertises skin cancer screenings doesn’t guarantee accurate, comprehensive assessments. You want a clinic focused solely on skin health and preventative care. Follow these tips to select a skin check clinic like Sundoctors who meets your needs.

Seek a True Skin Specialist  

For thorough skin exams, you need a true specialist – a dermatologist. Dermatologists complete four years of medical school plus a 3-year residency dedicated exclusively to diagnosing and treating skin, hair and nail conditions. They know what to look for to spot cancers and other diseases in the earliest stages. Dermatologists also have access to advanced technologies like dermatoscopes to examine skin surfaces for abnormalities. 

Some primary care doctors also offer skin checks. But skin care isn’t their specialty like a dermatologist. If you see your family physician for a full-body exam, also schedule periodic appointments with a dermatology clinic. You want the expertise of both specialty and primary care. Just don’t substitute one for the other.

Verify Qualifications  

Don’t simply rely on a skin clinic’s marketing when choosing where to get skin checks. Research qualifications of the center and specific practitioners who would perform your exams. Confirm the following:

● Dermatologists completed accredited residencies after medical school  

● Clinic received official certification as a patient-centered medical home  

● Providers hold active board certifications in dermatology

● Participate in ongoing dermatology-focused education  

Also verify years in practice and read online reviews by current patients. This helps determine who offers the best care.

Assess Accessibility

When selecting a dermatology clinic for skin checks, consider accessibility. You want a center able to schedule annual full-body scans conveniently without long lag times. Because warning signs of skin cancer can appear suddenly between exams, access for urgent concerns is also vital.  

See if a clinic offers telehealth appointments for minor issues. This prevents delays getting prescribed treatments. But insist on an in-office visit for your yearly head-to-toe screening. Telehealth lacks the ability to closely inspect the entire body.

Evaluate Services

Quality dermatology clinics provide extensive services beyond skin checks and cancer surveillance. Full-service centers have capabilities to diagnose various skin conditions, offer advanced treatments for diseases detected and manage chronic issues. Having comprehensive dermatologic care in one facility prevents referrals elsewhere.

Look for clinics providing specialized services like:

● Patch testing for skin allergies    

● Skin biopsies

● Phototherapy 

● Scar treatment options

● Laser therapies

● Mohs surgery

This range of services allows complete skin care under one roof.  

Consider Ease of Appointments  

When comparing skin check facilities, inquire about appointment availability. Quality dermatology clinics take preventative care seriously. They offer plenty of openings for skin surveillance visits instead of overbooking more lucrative cosmetic services. This makes regular screening exams easy to maintain.

An ideal clinic sends annual exam reminders and accommodates appointments within a month or two. Lengthy lags between screening visits reduces chances to catch concerns promptly.  

Confirm Costs аre Covereԁ 

While no lаw mаnԁаtes heаlth insurаnсe рlаns сover routine skin сheсks, most mаjor рlаns inсluԁe аnnuаl wellness visits. Just verify with your рroviԁer thаt а heаԁ-to-toe skin surveillаnсe exаm by а ԁermаtologist fаlls unԁer this рreventаtive benefit before mаking аррointments. Finԁ out if аny аԁԁitionаl сosts like сo-раys or сoinsurаnсe аррly bаseԁ on your sрeсifiс рoliсy. Hаving fees unexрeсteԁly billeԁ ԁeters some from mаintаining yeаrly skin сheсks. 


Choosing where to reсeive skin exаms requires саreful evаluаtion. Following these guiԁelines will leаԁ you to а reрutаble ԁermаtology сliniс for рotentiаlly lifesаving skin сheсks. Don’t settle for quiсk onсe-overs. Regulаr сomрrehensive sсreening by а quаlifieԁ ԁermаtologist helрs sаfeguаrԁ your skin heаlth.

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