Unveiling the Complexities of Youth Cultures: Insights from the “Youth Cultures in Flux” Symposium at Rketa International College

On April 19, 2024, Rketa International College, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, played host to a dynamic and enlightening event: the “Youth Cultures in Flux: Trends, Challenges, and Identity” symposium. Organized by the Seminars and Conferences Department, this symposium brought together leading minds in sociology and educational sciences to delve into the intricate world of youth cultures, reflecting the college’s dedication to fostering intellectual discourse and professional development.

Under the guidance of Mr. Firas Mahidat, Arab Region Coordinator for Rketa International College, the symposium unfolded with intellectual rigor and depth. Esteemed speakers, including Dr. Ali Khaled Bawaneh, Dr. Hilda Bashabsheh, Dr. Kholoud Al AZou’bi, and Dr. Rawan Al Zaben, graced the virtual podium, each contributing their expertise to shed light on the multifaceted dimensions of youth cultures.

The symposium provided a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of youth cultures, with a focus on understanding their trends, challenges, and intricate interplay with identity. Participants were treated to nuanced analyses and thought-provoking discussions, reflecting Rketa International College’s commitment to fostering critical thinking and scholarly inquiry.

Throughout the symposium, attendees were presented with a diverse array of contributions, ranging from:

– Analyzing the impact of technological progress, social media, and globalization on the formation of youth subcultures.

– Exploring practical strategies to enhance youth effectiveness and motivation, aligning with Rketa International College’s emphasis on holistic education.

– Uncovering the latest trends shaping behaviors, preferences, and expressions within diverse youth communities, reflecting the college’s commitment to staying abreast of contemporary issues.

– Examining mental health considerations in the context of multiculturalism, highlighting Rketa International College’s dedication to promoting well-being and inclusivity.

– Investigating the role of social media and traditional media in shaping youth identity, reflecting the college’s recognition of the importance of media literacy and digital citizenship.

Participants and attendees hailed the symposium as a resounding success, commending Rketa International College for providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and scholarly exchange. Many expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with pressing youth issues in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment, underscoring the college’s role as a hub for academic excellence and professional growth.

The “Youth Cultures in Flux” symposium served as a testament to Rketa International College’s commitment to nurturing intellectual curiosity and fostering dialogue on critical societal issues. As the world continues to evolve, Rketa International College remains steadfast in its dedication to empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of contemporary youth cultures and contribute meaningfully to society.

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