Securing Canadian PR via Work Visa: Provinces to Target

If you are interested in applying for a Canadian PR, make sure your profile fulfills all the nominee program requirements, making it secure to get PR in Canada. In this article, we will discuss obtaining PR in Canada through provinces, which makes it easy to get it without having any connection in Canada.

Understanding The Nominee Programs

There are various nominee programs that have their own eligibility criteria. If we talk about the Provincial Nominee Program, then they respond to only those individuals who meet their specific criteria and have unique immigration requirements. PNPs generally target and accept applications that meet the demands of the labor force in a country with experience. These programs usually need connections with their province, like job offers, working experience, or educational documents, to apply for the nominee program.

If any individual meets the requirement on the first go, then they invite that individual themselves to fill up the place of a particular occupation. In Canada, there are four provinces that are considered to be the easiest to obtain PR for overseas applications. Let’s discuss them to get a brief idea.


It is one of the popular places for immigration because of its various job opportunities and strong economic growth. It is located in the prairie region of Canada. The strategy they use for recruitment purposes is the in-demand occupations in the province to accept an individual’s application. They usually select candidates by hand using EOI, which is an expression of Interest system.

If an individual is interested in submitting the EOI, the applicant must have experience of at least one year with the completion of post-secondary education. One must know that the occupation should be in the list of hiring. An applicant must have a command of the English language speaking or French. If an individual qualifies for 60 points in the assessment grid then the applicant can easily submit the EOI profile.


Alberta is one of the best provinces in terms of its great educational facilities as well as the job market. They are accepting applications from the federal express entry pool to apply for the PNPs.  The benefit of applying for this province is it considers express entry applicants with CRS scores as minimum as 300, which gives the chance to more applicants.


It has a large quota to help out newcomers who apply for immigration through the PNP stream. This stream is for those who can easily fill skilled employment positions in Ontario. Individuals must have an express entry profile with a CRS score of 400 points. In Ontario, PNP usually invites candidates who have NOC codes or a certain CRS range.

Nova Scotia

It also selected the candidates directly from the express entry pool. The best part is that it does not invite applicants to the jobs or publish any occupational advertisements. They just invite the candidates who are interested in being a part of Nova.

Prince Edward Island

To apply here, an individual should meet the requirements of the federal economic immigration program, must have the skilled worker profile and must have at least 9 months of work experience. Connect with visa consultants Qatar for more information on various immigration programs to Canada.


Before applying to any province, make sure you have studied that province briefly and then made your decision to apply to that particular province.

If you want to apply for a Canada work visa from Qatar that leads to PR in the country, contact our team and get started with your visa application.

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